We are an Australian business providing solutions to primary industry. AKAPS is a qualified team, experienced in irrigated horticulture / viticulture and delivering technical solutions including remote sensing.


The AKAPS team is a partnership between Diane Stewart and Steve Mitchell. We have over 30 years commercial experience with data-based tools and decision making in viticulture and horticulture.

In 2019, AKAPS became the Australian agent for Harvest Electronics and supply Internet of Things (IoT) telemetry to a broad range of markets, including agriculture and horticulture. We offer design, installation and servicing of Harvest Electronics equipment to Australian clients.

Harvest Electronics

AG Tech

Harvest Electronics offers a wide variety of high-end sensors for meteorological grade performance on a weather station platform. 

Harvest Electronics systems use solar powered loggers with built in cellular modems (or Iridium satellite network) to remotely monitor IoT sensors attached to the base station and wireless UHF radio remotes within a few kilometres.

The live data and history can be viewed on the Harvest web site using any computer or smartphone. Data can be incorporated into a wide array of software solutions through API’s. All data collected is owned by the grower and is stored forever. At any time, growers can download historical data to assist in future planning for things like irrigation, frost protection and disease modelling.

Data can remain publicly available, or be password protected on the Harvest website. For private data, a login and password are established at installation.

PIRSA AgTech Demonstration

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  • Trouble shooting
  • Improving fruit quality
  • Crop care programmes and budgets
  • Soils, nutrition and irrigation.

Remote monitoring

  • Design and installation of tailored AgTech solutions
  • Data analysis and technical interpretation


  • Qualified and experienced viticulturist / horticulturist
  • Commercial and technical experience
  • Budget and business planning
  • QA system development, implementation and reporting
  • Environmental management and assessment
  • Benchmarking and continuous improvement
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Due diligence reports


  • Providing expertise from site development through to re-development - and everything in between
  • Working independently or as part of your team


Commercial sponsor of Barossa Improved Grazing Group (BIGG).

BIGG is a community-driven livestock and farming network that has its origins from five existing local producer groups. They are committed to delivering greater productivity and natural resource management outcomes for its members through the adoption of innovative practice.

Barossa Improved Grazing Group